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G-Cash Payments Instructions

G-Cash Payments Instructions For Globe Subscribers

A. How do I activate my G-CASH service?

First, a Globe or Touch Mobile subscriber should register to be able to cash-out their G-Cash at authorized G-Cash outlets or send G-Cash to another Globe or Touch Mobile subscriber. A subscriber doesn’t have to register to receive G-Cash. However, he must register to be able to cash-out or send G-Cash to another subscriber.

To register, send REG (4-digit M-PIN)/(Mother's Maiden Name)/
(FirstName)/(LastName)/(Address)/Tel No. with area code to 2882

The subscriber will then receive an acknowledgement receipt of the successful registration.

B. How do I send G-CASH to a Globe or Touch Mobile subscriber?

Just send the following message: (amount to be sent) (M-PIN) (70 character message) and send to 2882+(10 digit mobile number of recipient. 70 character message is optional

C. How do I load G-Cash into my phone?

Just go to any Authorized G-Cash outlet which accepts Cash-in transactions. Show required identification to frontliner. Give the frontliner the cash plus the processing fee and the outlet will send the G-Cash to your mobile phone number directly.

For non-subcribers of Globe

How do I send G-Cash to a Globe or Touch Mobile subscriber? Can I send to a non-Globe or Touch Mobile subscriber?

G-Cash can only be received by Globe Handyphone and Touch Mobile subscribers.

a. Just go to any Globe Business Center or Authorized G-Cash Outlet who accepts Cash-in transactions.

b. Fill up a G-Cash Service Form which will require you to give your full name, address and telephone number, your beneficiary’s name, address, telephone number and mobile phone number as well as the amount that you would like to send. Please make sure to present a Valid I.D.

c. Pay the Cash-in fee to the frontliner.

d. Frontliner will send the G-Cash to your beneficiary and give you an acknowledgement receipt for the transfer and an O.R. for the processing fee.

Other Mode of Payments


Like Our Fanpage FIRST HERE
Then, Text or Chat Me With The Following Format
"Wrong format of text/chat will not be entertained"
Your name/how many vcc/vcc type/payment mode/your message
Example: Juan, 1 pc, Type 1 Paypal VCC, smartmoney, any message 

My Contact Number

Take note that ACCOUNT NAME OF ALL BANK ACCOUNTS and Remittances informations above will be provided VIA TEXT MESSAGE ONLY and must be asked 5mins before the actual deposit so I can monitor the legitimacy of any payment you do. Text me at 09053241787 on the day of your actual payment.
AFTER Payment Has Been Made Don't FORGET to INFORM Me the FF:
                      1. Name of Sender: Juan Dela Cruz
                      2. Mode of payment:Smartmoney/Gcash/BPI
                      3. Reference No. of payment sent: 0654356354
                      4. Time & Date Sent: March 20, 2013 @ 10:30am
                      5. Payment for : Reloadable VCC/Paypal VCC