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How to Deposit Payments via Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

How to Deposit Payments via Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Please follow easy instructions below.
1: Go to the nearest BPI Branch at your place.
2: Use BPI Express Assist (BEA) machine to deposit money.
3: At the BEA machine, pat the screen to start transaction.
4: Select Deposit
5: Enter Account No: 0476287509 then click Next
6: Enter Amount to Deposit then click Next
7: Confirm Transaction
8: Get the Queue Number Receipt from the BEA machine.
9: Wait for your number to be called by the Teller.
10: Give the Cash and Queue Number Receipt to the Teller.
11: Get the Deposit Transaction Receipt.

Our BPI Account Details
Type of Account: Savings
Currency: Peso
Account Number: 0476287509
Account Name: To be given Via text msg only
Bank Account Branch: To be given Via text msg only
Total Cash Deposit: XXX

1: Please do not forget to get the Transaction Receipt.
2: All BPI branches nationwide does not charge inter-brach
deposit fees. If you are ask to pay a fee on your transaction.
Ask for an Official Receipt for the fee and report them to BPI hotline.

Other Mode of Payments


Like Our Fanpage FIRST HERE
Then, Text or Chat Me With The Following Format
"Wrong format of text/chat will not be entertained"
Your name/how many vcc/vcc type/payment mode/your message
Example: Juan, 1 pc, Type 1 Paypal VCC, smartmoney, any message 

My Contact Number

Take note that ACCOUNT NAME OF ALL BANK ACCOUNTS and Remittances informations above will be provided VIA TEXT MESSAGE ONLY and must be asked 5mins before the actual deposit so I can monitor the legitimacy of any payment you do. Text me at 09053241787 on the day of your actual payment.
AFTER Payment Has Been Made Don't FORGET to INFORM Me the FF:
                      1. Name of Sender: Juan Dela Cruz
                      2. Mode of payment:Smartmoney/Gcash/BPI
                      3. Reference No. of payment sent: 0654356354
                      4. Time & Date Sent: March 20, 2013 @ 10:30am
                      5. Payment for : Reloadable VCC/Paypal VCC