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Reloadable VCC

Reloadable VCC

 Play Poker Online using our Reloadable Vcc, when you win in poker you can withdraw your money into our VCC and we will send your money via Western Union, Philippine Bank, And some Remittances.
25$ withdrawal fees and 10% of cashout will be deducted from total amount of withdrawn from Poker will be applied

Chat me for more question about this feature

***If not used/loaded for 30days it will expired and the remaining funds in it is subject for REFUND***

  • Can be Reuse for 1 year but will expired within 30days if UNUSED
  • Price: $ x 50php plus processing fee of 400php for first transaction and 300php for succeeding transactions
  • Example: First load of 10$ will be 10$ x 50php + 400php(processing fee) = 900php
  • You cannot use this card to Amazon, Godaddy, iTunes, Apple store, Play store, Dealextreme and other USA/Canada based websites/merchants
List of Tested Merchants that accepts VCC
Initial Load Balance-----------------------Price
5$ loaded vcc------------------------------650php
10$ loaded vcc----------------------------700php
15$ loaded vcc----------------------------1150php
20$ loaded vcc----------------------------1400php
25$ loaded vcc----------------------------1650php
30$ loaded vcc----------------------------1900php
35$ loaded vcc----------------------------2150php
40$ loaded vcc----------------------------2400php
45$ loaded vcc----------------------------2650php
50$ loaded vcc----------------------------2900php

ReLoad Balance-----------------------------Price
5$ loaded vcc------------------------------550php
10$ loaded vcc----------------------------800php
15$ loaded vcc----------------------------1050php
20$ loaded vcc----------------------------1300php
25$ loaded vcc----------------------------1550php
30$ loaded vcc----------------------------1800php
35$ loaded vcc----------------------------2050php
40$ loaded vcc----------------------------2300php
45$ loaded vcc----------------------------2550php
50$ loaded vcc----------------------------2800php

Note: Reloadable VCC can be loaded maximum of 50$ per 300php processing fee 
Price per loaded
Amount= processing fee
$1-$50 = 300php
$51-$100= 600php
$101-$150= 900php
$151=$200= 1,200php
$201=$250= 1,500php

***Reloadable VCC can be bought via Smartmoney/Gcash/ Bank Deposits for Filipino buyers and for International Buyers via Western Union Payments Only ***

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