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Verified Costumer

How to become Verified Costumer of frankvcc.com and  avail the most of benefits given to Verified Costumers only?

Non-Verified Costumers are entitled to buy Paypal vcc only once using paypal payment (For Phillipine Verified paypal account holder only)..

Here are the Requirements;

1. Must be a Filipino Citizen (Non-filipino will be qualified in the future)
2. Provide scanned of atleast (1) one valid ID, then show your actual valid ID via webcam and your face should match the document.
3. Provide scanned of Proof of Address then show the actual proof of address documents via webcam and the information should match with the scaned proof of address and should match the ID you provided.
4. If paypal payment will be used in purchasing VCC the requirement no.1 and no.2 must same as the paypal account details to be use for payment.
5. Once all documents is already available Send your documents in our official email:thesellerfrank@yahoo.com then wait for further instructions.

1. Can buy unlimited vcc (All types of Paypal VCC) via paypal payment
2. Have 10-15% discount in all vcc purchases
3. Can have (1) one piece vcc advance for emergency purposes, only and only if; you already bought 10 pcs vcc or more and that must be paid within 24hrs.
4. Qualified to be one of our resellers once our resellers program is already implemented.
5. Prioritized in any transactions made through frankvcc.com
6. Have 3 hours allotted time for 70% refund from total price of unused VCC without detailed reason or explanation.

All gathered information of you will be treated vital and confidential but may be used against you if you made any violations in using our services offered at frankvcc.com and if you were reported as scammers, your personal information may be disclosed to authorized agencies and your information will be posted in scammer's list we have.

Proceeding on these Customers Verification Steps implies that you agreed all above conditions and penalties.